About Us

I have always loved the arts and the art of creating visuals.

I have always loved the arts and the art of visuals. I have indulged in the arts since I was a ballerina at age 4, a cello player at the age of 5 and a newscaster in my teens for my high school television station.

I enjoy the little things – sunny days, beaches and fresh mangos. My favorite things consist of travel, music, chocolate and tacos. I love tacos. Nothing is perfect, but I believe we should Smile Regardless.

Energetic and animated are two words that describe me best and I truly believe in exuding positive energy. These qualities carry into my work as I like to create an authentic environment for my clients to truly enjoy their experience and feel as though I am not even there.
My talents include not only photography but graphic design, video editing and production, and public relations. I truly enjoy learning and perfecting my craft on a daily basis.